Individual instruments

Offer and service

New construction of fine stringed instruments

(violins, violas and cellos). More information you can find on "My instruments".

Instruments, bows and accessories

You will also find instruments and bows from different manufacturers, older instruments and bows and student instruments in different price ranges. Also, when it comes to accessories and strings, you will find a large selection here.

rental instruments

In the offer, you will find well-equipped rental instruments in all sizes and for all ages at a good price in my workshop.

Sound adjustments

With my musician knowledge I have a good ear and understanding for fine adjustments to the sound of your instrument. Often helps just a little hit on the soundpost, or a minimal movement of the bridge and your instrument will sound the way you wish it to.


At regular intervals, it is worthwhile to check your instrument, especially in case of open glue parts, but also to clean the varnish surfaces. Likewise, the pegs, fingerboard/top nut, bridge and soundpost etc. should be checked regularly and reworked if necessary.


I offer all common repairs, such as crack repairs, neck angle improvements, peg adjustments, renewals to the set-up of the instruments, varnish retouching, etc. For larger restorations I am assisted by selected colleagues who are specialized in this field. You can be sure that your instrument is in good hands.

Bow rehairs / Repairs

Often the rehair of a bow is underestimated. For example, if you have to use rosin every day, this is a clear sign of worn hair, and can only be changed by a new rehair. For a new bow cover, I use only the best quality hair I can find. The hairs are then sorted again for each rehair, to make sure that no fused or damaged hair gets into the cover. This results in a even bow rehair. Furthermore, you can get new thumb leathers, wraps, head plates, etc. from me. For larger repairs I offer shipping to specialized bow makers.